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Release: early 2023

Ektoplast explores slow and bewitching rhythms, producing a music full of emotions that oscillates between living room-session music and wild dancefloors. Driven by a constant desire to transcribe his aspirations, and inspired by the world around him, he appropriates physical and imaginary spaces in order to convey a sensitive experience of reality.

In his practice, he also composes experimental and acousmatic music, and creates sound installations that allow him to place his sound universe in specific environments and listening contexts, but also to put sound in dialogue with architecture, the plastic arts or the visual arts.

– Words about the EP –

Somewhere on Earth. Discern a finger print on a used glass, a mark on the sand at a desert beach, a glitch in the sky where there are no separation between you, space and earth, a foggy dusk giving space for the light, an infinite roll of old film never stopping changing color, speed, & asperity.It’s a fragile & addictive sway. Embarking you on an outstanding journey convecting velvet, crackles, breath, breeze, waves & percussives sounds. More than a journey, a crack on time where everything stands still, forever.