Curated Feelings II

Various artist Compilation

Release: 08.07.2021 [CRVA02]

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“Slowly the sun is rising. On one side, it’s like the sky is burning, with the energy of an early morning when the sun is King.
If you think you are in the middle of nowhere, you are right. It’s the occasion to feel powerful & lose control of time.
On the other side, a parade of fragments’ shadows are on their way. Slow down, follow those snippets of trippy chords, dark bass & rounded pads. For a small moment in time, you have the capacity to open your wings and levitate. In a second, you will be touching delicately the invisible handles of the doors of freedom, let go, enter and feel.
All the pieces are floating in the air, coming to gather and create this incredible range of crafted rhythms, long acid layers. In order to illuminate your feelings & your path, keep on walking in step to drifting & melodic sounds. Never stop.”